womens adventure clothing, freckled sweatshirt


When I was a little girl, I used to wish that all of my freckles would merge together as one and I would be tan and freckle-less.

When I was a teenager, I would obsess over this one darker freckle on my face that I was convinced everyone was looking at. I was so self conscious about it and tried to cover it up many times. 

As an adult, I love my freckles and they're one of, if not my favorite feature! And that dark freckle I thought everyone was looking at...it's so small, I can't even find it sometimes! 

Instead of wasting hours and hours and days and years of our lives obsessing over our so called "imperfections" or "flaws," let's start loving all of the things that make us unique. Let's spend more time adventuring, and making meaningful connections, and being in the moment than worrying about what others may be thinking (or probably not thinking) about us :) 

I hope these clothes can be a small reminder to love every part of yourself and enjoy this adventure that is life!